New Year, New Year Goals

The New Year brings with it new resolutions and the enthusiasm to live healthy, get more active, eat better and try new things. If you aim to become a healthier version of yourself, it will take some determination, persistence and consistency. You have to focus on what you want to achieve and do everything you can to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

While most people start on their health goals in the New Year on a high note, most of those good intentions begin to diminish as you get dragged into the daily grind. If this sounds like you, there are different ways in which you can stick to your health goals in 2020. We at Dr. Jen’s Nutrition create healthy protein bars, packed with nutrition. Just as you need to focus on eating healthy, following these simple steps will help you adhere to your weight loss and fitness goals.


1. Keep the Bigger Picture In View

When you are setting health resolutions, you need to keep the bigger picture in view. Work at a steady pace so that whatever you start on in January runs through to December. Don't just focus on how much weight you will lose or stamina you will build in one month. It takes more than a month of hitting the gym or donning your running shoes to start feeling healthy or lighter. Create a more detailed plan for the year and decide how you want to look and feel at the end of it.


2. Set Achievable Goals

This is a crucial aspect of any weight loss or health journey. Focus on the what, why and how of the process. Think of how it would alter your life if you follow what you have set out to do. Make a list of the goals you want to achieve and how you want to change as you go through the months. Setting achievable goals will keep you encouraged and enthused enough to stick to your resolution.


3. Measure Your Progress

Most people don't measure their progress, and it's also why they fail. They start the New Year very well- eating healthy, training at least four to five times each week, avoiding junk food and alcohol etc. But they also fall off the wagon before the end of the month. This happens because they don't measure their progress.

To stay motivated, you need to measure your progress, so you have visibility of the changes. Even if you aren't happy with the way you look, take photos of your progress. Measure and weigh yourself regularly to see changes. Better sleep and increased energy levels are all wins, and you need to measure those too.


Other Things to Do

  • Focus on eating right. Don’t go on crash diets; they just don’t work because they aren’t sustainable. Eat mindfully and stay away from junk and processed foods; snack on healthy items like nuts, fruits and Jens Ultimate Protein Bars. They are delicious, filled with goodness, and give you energy while keeping hunger pangs at bay.
  • Work out at least four times each week for the best results. If you find your interest waning and feel that you need some motivation, sign up for group workouts or training sessions.
  • Stay committed and do not find excuses to stray from your goals.


Results can never happen overnight. But once you make healtheating and exercise a habit, you will notice results. We at Dr. Jens Nutrition have created a unique range of Ultimate Nutrition Bars packed with various healthy plant-based ingredients and more. Sock-up on them and reach for one every time hunger pangs hit you. 

  • Jan 16, 2020
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