Allergy-Friendly Protein Bars

There are many common allergies that many people have today. With that in mind, we have created several flavors of allergen-friendly protein bars. If you suffer from a food allergy, you can trust that we have a safe and allergy-friendly protein bar for you! That’s why Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bars are your best option for allergy-friendly protein bars!

While we do produce allergen-friendly protein bars, it’s important to remember that not all our protein bars are safe for those with allergies to consume. Some of our flavors contain foods that are common allergens, such as peanuts and tree nuts. If you have an allergy, be sure to read all the ingredients in a flavor you would like to try before making a purchase.

Allergen-Friendly Protein Bars

Whether you have a tree nut allergy, peanut allergy, or any other type of allergy, you can rest assured that we have allergy-friendly protein bars that will be perfect for you. All our allergen-friendly protein bars are made with the same all-natural and organic ingredients, giving you healthy alternatives to other protein bar brands. Plus, our allergy-friendly protein bars are packed with delicious flavors from natural superfoods.

While not all of our protein bars are allergy-friendly, we do offer a variety of flavors that are 100% safe for those with allergies to consume. While some of our bars do use peanuts or tree nuts, we do offer flavors for peanut allergy-safe protein bars.

Our Protein Bar Ingredients

If you do choose to purchase some of our protein bar flavors, be sure to select flavors that are allergy-friendly. Some of our bars do contain ingredients people may be allergic to, such as peanuts, almonds, bananas, and other ingredients.

Some of our allergy-friendly flavors include Creamy Blueberry Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Brownie, and Mocha Chocolate Crisp. Be sure to view all our flavors for individual ingredients.

Try Our Delicious, Allergy-Friendly Protein Bars Today

If you’re ready to try our allergen-friendly protein bars, browse our flavors for what looks good to you! We have a variety of options—some safe for those with allergies and some that are not, so be sure to read our ingredients carefully before making your purchase. But when you’ve picked out your allergy-friendly flavor, make a protein bar purchase today!

If you have more questions or concerns about our allergen-friendly ingredients, we’re more than happy to help you. We can also recommend the right allergy-friendly flavor protein bar for you, so feel free to contact us here for more information.