High Fiber Protein Bars

If you’re looking for delicious and healthy protein bars with a high fiber content, then our protein bars are perfect for you. Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bars combine several healthy ingredients to give you a perfectly balanced and gluten-free protein bar.

If you struggle to get your daily intake of fiber or are just looking to add more fiber to your diet, try Dr. Jen’s high-in-fiber protein bars. Dr. Jen created our protein bars in her very own kitchen, making sure they are not only healthy but full of protein and fiber.

High Fiber Content

All our protein bars come high in fiber to make sure you get the best nutritional benefits from them. Our fiber protein bars come in different amounts of fiber, with most of our bars containing 12 grams of dietary fiber. This high amount of fiber covers 43% of your daily value, giving you plenty of benefits.

Some of our flavors, like our Dark Chocolate Almond, have even more fiber, with up to 17 grams, which is 61% of your daily value. If you’re looking for a high fiber protein bar, be sure to try our fiber protein bars! For more information on our flavors and their individual fiber content, click here.

Nutritional Benefits of High Fiber

Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate that our bodies can’t digest and is mainly found in foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains. When we consume fiber, our body can’t break it down; instead, it goes through our body undigested.

But dietary fiber gives us many nutritional benefits. It helps our bodies maintain and control our blood sugar levels, digestive health, and cholesterol levels. It can also help you to achieve a healthy weight, maintain bowel health, and lower your chance of dying from cardiovascular disease and cancers.

Since it offers so many nutritional benefits, we make sure that all our protein bars are high in fiber to give our customers the most benefits!

Try Our High in Fiber Protein Bars Today

For tasty protein bars full of fiber, try Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bars today. Not only do all our flavors come with a high fiber content, but we use only all-natural and healthy ingredients to give you the best protein bars possible.

Our fiber protein bars also come with a variety of other benefits, including being gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and using superfoods to give them amazing flavor. Try our high fiber protein bars today!

If you’d like more information on our protein bars’ fiber content or have other questions and concerns before placing your order, feel free to contact us here.