Protein Bars with the Highest Protein

Protein is an essential ingredient of protein bars; after all, it’s in the name. But when you’re looking for a great protein bar brand, you want to make sure you’re getting the most protein. That’s why Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bars are your best option and contain the most protein compared to other brands.

With our carefully formulated protein bars, you’re not only getting protein bars with the most protein, but you’re getting a healthy and all-natural alternative to other brands that may not contain as much protein. Not only that but all our protein options in our bars are beneficial to your body.

Protein Bars with Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Whey protein is an essential component that helps keep your body functioning. We choose to use this beneficial type of grass-fed protein for our protein bars because it contains amino acids that can help your body in numerous ways.

Not only does whey protein promote muscle growth, but it can help lower your blood pressure, treat Type 2 Diabetes, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, enhance antioxidant defenses, and provide a great boost of energy. Since our whey protein is grass-fed, this makes it environmentally friendly while also adding to its nutritional value.

Protein Bars with Pea Protein

We also use pea protein in our protein bars. Just like whey protein, pea protein is extremely beneficial and helps keep your body functioning properly. Pea protein also contains amino acids, which can keep you feeling satisfied.

Pea protein also helps with digestion and fast absorption of fiber, provides your body with a steady flow of protein, and helps with appetite control. Not to mention that pea protein is also allergen-free.

Our Protein Bars’ Protein Content

If you’re looking for a high source of protein, try our protein bars. All our protein bars contain a high amount of protein to boost your energy and encourage muscle growth. We offer a variety of flavors, with each type containing between 13 to 16 grams of protein.

Try Our Protein Bars with the Most Protein Today

When you’re looking to get the most protein out of your protein bars, be sure to try Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Protein Bars. With all our protein bars containing at least 13 grams of protein, you know you’ll be getting a high protein content no matter which flavor you choose. So try our protein bars today!

 For more questions, concerns, or comments about our protein bars, high protein content, or anything else, feel free to contact us here. We’re more than happy to assist you before you make your protein bar purchase.