Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock
Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock
Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock
Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock
Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock
Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock

Double Chocolate Almond – Gluten-Free Protein Bars - Temporarily Out of Stock

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Product Description

You know what it’s like—facing down the snack bar aisle at the grocery store, blindly comparing one to the next, and wondering just what you’re getting yourself into. Will it make you full? Will it give you energy? What are all these ingredients anyway? Will it taste good?

Wonder no more.

We know exactly where you’re coming from. Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar is a gluten-free protein bar that has a fantastic amount of the nutrients your body needs, but isn’t filled with the junk that you don’t. And we know you’re questioning how it tastes—if it’s that good for you, it can’t be delicious, too, right?

The Double Chocolate Almond bar is ridiculously good. But at the same time, it’s a protein bar without sugar alcohols (artificial sweeteners), and a low amount of sugar. You’ll love the smooth, creamy texture, as well as the incredible combination of chocolate and almond. We’ve kept our test kitchen busy in our relentless quest to create a low sugar bar that’s dense in nutrients without sacrificing the flavor.

Read on to learn more about what makes our bars unique!

Protein Bar Nutrition Facts

Where some people might grab their bar of choice because of the price, the flashy claims, and the excellent marketing, we believe in taking a more mindful approach. Dr. Jen wants you to understand the ingredients she’s chosen, including why they’re in the bar and the potential health benefits, as well as the elements she purposely avoided.

Soy-Free Protein Bar

Soy comes from edamame beans, and is typically found in products such as soy sauce, soy milk, tofu, miso, and a number of vegetarian meat replacement options. Soy is comprised of isoflavones, which are plant compounds that act like estrogen. The reason soy can be a health concern is that high levels of estrogen phytoestrogens can disrupt the body’s hormones. More than that, quite a bit of the soy that’s consumed in the United States is a product of GMOs. For these reasons, Dr. Jen has created a delicious soy-free protein bar.

Pea Protein Bar

Dr. Jen chose pea protein, a non-dairy source of protein that is so good for your body! It helps you build muscle, and muscle is instrumental in burning fat. It can help you lose weight because it has a high number of peptides, which helps your body feel full longer. And if a healthy heart is important to you (hint: it absolutely should be!), studies have shown that pea protein can lower blood pressure over time, reduce the risk of heart disease, and reduce inflammation.

Low Sugar Bar

It seems that no matter where you go or what you eat, sugar is lurking around just about every food wrapper. Many of the so-called “energy bars” you see on the shelves are packed with either sugar or sugar alcohols to cover up the shortcomings of the other ingredients’ flavors. This is not the case with Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar. Ours is a low sugar bar that tastes delicious, even without all the sugar!

High-Fiber Bar

When it comes to fiber, you should consider it your partner in nutrition. It helps keep your digestive tract running regularly, which is always a good thing. More than that, it’s supportive to your heart health, reducing your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. Fiber can also help control your blood sugar levels and keep your weight down.

Superfood Protein Bar

Superfoods are foods that are jam-packed with nutrition, but at the same time, aren’t loaded with calories. When you eat these foods, you’re getting the most powerful forms of the nutrients your body needs, and in many cases, the body absorbs and utilizes these nutrients more efficiently than if you were to take them in supplement form. Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar uses real quinoa, kale, and spinach, all nutrient-dense superfoods!

Stop shopping blindly and throwing spaghetti at the wall with your energy bar selections. When you want the ultimate nutrition and the ultimate taste, get Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar today!

Gluten-Free Protein Bar

Let’s get acquainted a bit so you can understand more about why Dr. Jen created her bar the way she did. Gluten is a protein that’s found in grains like wheat, and its inflammatory properties can wreak havoc on the digestive system and trigger the symptoms of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

After being hospitalized twice within the span of a month for a serious digestive issue, Dr. Jen was desperate to not return to the hospital but found herself with limited options. So many foods caused her to feel sick again, so Dr. Jen’s husband encouraged her to create her own gluten-free protein bar. After testing a surfeit of prototypes on friends and family, she found a formula that was not only nutritious, but also ridiculously delicious.

Easily Digestible Ingredients

Those who have a gluten intolerance, Celiac disease, or other forms of irritable bowel disorder (IBD) have a hard time digesting foods. When the intestinal tract is inflamed, sufferers find that it can not only be incredibly painful to eat, but in some cases, the inflammation can prove to be life-threatening. The ingredients in Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar are easily digestible and are high in fiber.

Ingredients That Won’t Cause Inflammation

There are so many filler foods out there that food manufacturers add to increase bulk or add texture. The thing is, so many of these have little to no nutritional value, but they’re used in part because they’re cheap. Wouldn’t you rather get more nutritional value out of your food than worry about the bottom line of a big box protein bar manufacturer? We thought so. Dr. Jen has stayed away from corn, wheat, dairy, and soy in the Double Chocolate Almond bar and has instead used powerful antioxidant foods such as quinoa, spinach, and kale.

When you want a nutrition bar that’s gluten free, high in fiber and protein, and has the nutrients you need, get Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar today!

Low Sugar Protein Bar

When’s the last time you picked up a product marketed as being healthy and actually checked the nutrition label? Can’t remember? We’ll help you jog your memory.

Many food manufacturers spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and more in marketing. They create an illusion of health and wellness through the colors and graphics they use, and create trust in the consumer…but what are they hiding? Well, the proof is on the package. Not the front, but the back.

Look past the pretty package to the nutrition info: where on the list of ingredients is the sugar? Is it toward the top? If so, you’re being duped. The ingredients are listed in order of how much is in the product, so use that as your guideline. The farther down the list sugar is, the better.

Also Look for Protein Bars Without Sugar Alcohols

Put simply, sugar alcohols are artificial sweeteners. They’re a form of carbohydrates that add sweetness to foods and drinks and many food manufacturers turn to them as a sugar-free alternative. They have fewer calories than plain sugar, and some of the most popular sugar alcohols come in the form of xylitol, sorbitol, erythritol, and maltitol. Despite being a lower-calorie option, some sugar alcohols can actually cause blood sugar spikes like regular sugar. They can also interfere with your digestive functions, causing painful gas and diarrhea, the latter of which can cause dehydration. This is especially dangerous for those who have IBD disorders.

Dr. Jen’s Ultimate Nutrition Bar is very low in sugar and doesn’t contain any sugar alcohols. Order yours today!